That Extra Special Something When You Get Married or CU'd in Hunterdon

When she was Flemington Borough Council member, I think Mary Melfi would agree that she and I disagreed on many issues in running the town. She's a Republican. And I'm not. I'm the vice-chair of Flemington Democrats (and live with the Chair). We ran people against her on Council, she's powered campaigns against somebody in my household, Joey Novick (just sworn in again, with running mate Dorothy Fine, to Flemington Council).

But this is the way things are in local politics in some places in New Jersey. Friends and neighbors work from different vantage points, each for what they see as the best path to the common good. And sometimes old political foes surprise you.

In crimson Hunterdon, Mary is now County Clerk. And she works hard. As Clerk, Mary performs wedding and civil union ceremonies. Watch how she's using that to help fund Safe in Hunterdon, which works toward the safety and empowerment of adult and child victims of domestic abuse. NBC Nightly News (last night):

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Good on you, Mary, for that.  

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