DIY: Back to the Roots Takes it to the Front

Congratulations to Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez for making the cover of the largest natural & organic trade magazine, NFM - Natural Foods Merchandiser!

There's an exciting new movement happening in food, and these two gentleman at Back to the Roots are riding the top of the wave with their inventive and fun DIY gardening creations. We had the good fortune to run into Nikhil and Alejandro at the Social Venture Network Conference in San Diego this spring. Their friendliness and passion were infectious, and you always found them right in the middle of a pack of laughing and smiling people, talking about the good fight, good naturedly all the way.  

Back in college, they became fascinated by the potential of farming mushrooms, and dedicated themselves to reconnecting families to their food via creating really fun and engaging DIY grow kits. They are now on a mission to "undo food" in a broader sense, hoping to change eating habits, health, and overall happiness.  Back to the Roots now offers three DIY kits, for growing mushrooms, vegetables, and a self cleaning fish tank that grows food (!!). 

This weekend, if you happen to be in the NYC zone, you can get Back to the Roots at booth 5544 at the Fancy Food Show 


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