Eleven Year Afghan War Too Much Say Demonstrators

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?I?ll be marching in both sadness and anger, but also with an intent to engage my fellow Minnesotans in conversation urging both truth telling and a new direction for our foreign policy,? activist Steve Clemons addresses the group assembling for the march to Loring Park. This is an annual event on the anniversary of the beginning of the U.S. war against Afghanistan, America?s longest running war. The march ended at Loring Park where they met up with the Occupy MN marchers who had come from the People?s Plaza. Oct 7, 2012 was also the first year anniversary of Occupy MN?s first day, when they occupied the Hennepin County Government Center Plaza. First story from TheUptake archives. Mel Reeves, longtime Minneapolis human rights activist and journalist speaking about Occupy Homes MN said, ?Help people understand that they can stand up and fight against the banks, reinforcing the idea that housing is a human right.?

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