Election Day Hangover News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012

Obama jumper

Here's the thing. I'm just way too tired to put out a full roundup. And I'm still in open thread mode. By all means, hit us with the races you're most involved in - including your local ones.

LD-16 - With thousands of votes in LD-16 still to be counted, only about 1,500 votes separate Marie Corfield from her Tea Party-endorsed opponent, who is defending the seat she was gifted when longtimer Pete Biondi died 48 hours after narrowly beating Corfield in November. Too close to call.

NJ-3 & NJ-7 - With potentially thousands of votes still to be counted, Star-Ledger has called the only two competitive congressional elections in the state - NJ-3 & NJ-7 - and the state.  Results here, with more words to come later.

Big win - Congratulations, Senator Bob Menendez. And to New Jersey voters returning him to the U.S. Senate. And NJ rocked that Obama vote.

Votes - still. Even Sen. Mike Doherty broke party ranks in his rankled sort of way, calling Guadagno's fifth voting directive of the week a violation of both the N.J. and U.S. constitutions. Doherty's not the only one - Tambussi agrees. And ACLU-NJ had its eye on potential big-time disenfranchisement when it went to court yesterday to petition the state to also accept federal absentee ballots as newspapers and social media exploded with stories of frustrated voters and overwhelmed election offices. They lost.

Hai, Nate - And now that it's all over, I think we can finally crown Nate Silver the new genius king of nerds. Nate Silver, you are spooky smart, supremely relaxed and we want your cell number. Will you also be sending Newark a $100 million check?  
I'm only beginning to take stock of some of the local races - BurlCo's news is huge. Somerset County counting could take days, and there may be a Dem Freeholder when it's done. I saw a lot of wins pile up yesterday for newly-minted Monmouth Dem Chair Vin Gopal.

What are you waking up to, Blue Jersey?

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