Drazkowski is already fear-mongering over environmental bills

Less than a month after big Republican losses and two months before legislative session starts

Extremist Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) is already fear-mongering about upcoming bills at the State Capitol. In this case it's about bills to protect our lakes, rivers and environment.

Drazkowski is arguably Minnesota's craziest and worst legislator. Similar to Michele Bachmann, you can count on The Draz to push the latest conservative conspiracy theory or the latest draconian, backwards or destructive conservative pet project bill.

Thankfully, The Draz is in the minority now and has less of a chance of inflicting his bizarro values upon Minnesota.

Here's what The Draz is wetting himself over:

In an email to constituents on Sunday, Rep. Steve Drazkowski warns of an effort by government officials and "extreme environmental advocates" to increase environmental regulations that will "undoubtedly include the killing of even more Minnesota jobs."

The Mazeppa Republican is critical of a report recently competed [sic] by the Environmental Quality Board that recommends beefing up the board's staffing and improving its transparency. Drazkowski notes in his email that legislation was introduced last session to eliminate the board because its usefulness "has been almost non-existent." He also warns that a series of Environmental Congress meetings around the state are simply a way to legitimize the board.

"As far as I can tell, the efforts by our state government to notify farmers and other business owners throughout the state, about these meetings, has been extremely limited. This may have been by design.  I encourage you to attend one or more of these sessions to represent common sense in the discussions.  Please notify your friends and neighbors in other parts of the state, as well," Drazkowski wrote.

(Rochester Post Bulletin)

The Draz isn't the MNGOP's brightest legislator. In the event he's worried about a bill, no bills have been proposed. As there have been no bills proposed, no hearings have been proposed.

In the unlikely event that The Draz isn't quite that stupid and is referring to changes at the MPCA or some other agency, they have to hold public hearings over any changes. If this is what The Draz is referring to, you can bet he'll be the first to be wetting his pants yet again about the hearings.

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