Democratic Supermajority Achieved: Let's Chat Tomorrow

PhotobucketChris Norby concedes tightest Assembly race - photo credit: Chris Prevatt

by Brian Leubitz

With the concession of Chris Norby to Sharon Quirk, the Democratic supermajority in the Assembly was finalized. The Democrats will hold 54 of the 80 seats there. In the Senate, the situation is slightly more confusing. Senator Juan Vargas was elected to replace Rep. Bob Filner in Congress, so we're looking at a special election in that Dem-leaning district.

That being said, what does the supermajority mean? Robert had a great take on the situation earlier this week. Tomorrow, I'll discuss the supermajority on KALW's Your Call radio. You can listen online here or tune in to 91.7 in San Francisco, or KUSP (88.9) in Santa Cruz.

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