CT SEN: Murphy agrees to nine debates

Linda McSham won't be able to hide behind her PR machine...Chris Murphy is at his best when it comes to debates.


Chris Murphy today announced that he has accepted nine formal invitations to debate wrestling mogul Linda McMahon before the general election on November 6th. Murphy challenged McMahon to a debate on jobs immediately after the primary election, but McMahon was not ready to discuss the number one issue on Connecticut voters' minds.

"I've spent my career fighting for middle class families and for Connecticut jobs, and I'm excited to take these public debates all across the state," said Murphy. "People deserve to hear from their Senate candidates face to face in an unscripted setting, and voters will be able to see firsthand the difference between the endless 30-second attack ads, and my plan to bring jobs back to Connecticut and strengthen our middle class."

"After over a month of coaching, let's hope McMahon is finally ready to talk about jobs and her miserable record of shipping them overseas," said Murphy spokeswoman Taylor Lavender. "People across Connecticut also deserve to see McMahon publicly explain why her tax plan gives her a $7 million tax break and guts critical funding for job training, education, and veterans programs."

Murphy has accepted the following debates:

September 24 - NBC Connecticut

October 7 - WFSB Face the State

October 10 - Waterbury Chamber of Commerce

October 11 - Fox 61/Courant at the University of Connecticut

October 15 - The Day/WTNH at the Garde Theater in New London

October 18 - Connecticut Broadcasters Association in Hartford

October 19 - WABC/New York Times/Univision

October 27 - NAACP in New Haven

Murphy has also accepted a debate hosted by the AARP in Bridgeport. AARP is currently working to find a date that works for both candidates.

Details for the debates will be released in the coming weeks.

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