Cody McNutt Now Staffing Lang Sias

Former Arvada City Council candidate Cody McNutt has pivoted from his loss last year and is now working as the field director on Lang Sias' bid for the SD-19 seat against Evie Hudak.

McNutt scored 45% of the vote in 2011, losing to incumbent City Councilman Mark McGoff by about 500 votes. McNutt ran a decent campaign. Sure, he made a couple major mistakes, but we heard good things about McNutt's ground game. His campaign was doomed from the outset, but it was a good foray into politics for the twenty-something first time candidate.

That said, finding a few friends to knock on doors for your upstart city council bid is a lot different than recruiting volunteers for an expansive State Senate race. We're not sure that McNutt's skills as a candidate will translate well into working on someone else's campaign, especially given his incredibly odd personality.  McNutt's enthusiasm may be charming when he appears on your doorstep as a candidate, but in a campaign as competitive as Sias', perhaps someone a little less caustic and with a little more experience would be a better fit to manage field efforts.  

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