Tonight in NYC: Holocaust Survivors Meet the Granddaughter of Nazi Commandant Amon Goeth



When:            Thursday, August 13, 2015

Where:           Bnai Zion Foundation Center 136 East 39th Street / Cross street Lexington)

Time:             Starting at 6:30 pm

Please join Jennifer Teege, the granddaughter of the infamous Nazis, Amon Goeth, Commandant of Plaszow Poland, Holocaust survivors, Rabbis, Pastors, educators, diplomats from Israel, Germany, Nigeria, Congressmen, Congresswoman, elected officials and more than 200 people  from the community at the Bnai Zion Foundation Center.

Ms. Jennifer Teege, a half-black German-born woman whose grandfather was Amon Goeth, the brutal Commandant of the Plaszow Concentration Camp in Poland seeing in the film “Schedulers List” One summer afternoon six years ago, Jennifer Teege was killing time in her local library in Hamburg, Germany, when she came across a striking title: “I Have to Love My Father, Don’t I?”

She pulled the book from the shelf. On the cover was a photo of a weary-looking woman, and there, too, was the subtitle: “The Life Story of Monika Goeth, Daughter of the Concentration Camp Commandant from ‘Schindler’s List.’ ”

Teege couldn’t believe it. Monika was her mother.

At 38, Teege, half-black, was just discovering an improbable truth: Her grandfather Amon Goeth was a Nazi “the Butcher of Plaszow,” his atrocities immortalized by Steven Spielberg.

During the past 15 years, as part of School News Nationwide “Words of Bonds” Holocaust project development, our team, African Americans, Jewish Holocaust Survivors, Educators and others created the Words of Bonds initiative that incorporates multi-media projects, but with a focus on the Holocaust.

"Through the “Words of Bonds” projects, we have built interpersonal bridges, particularly between Jewish and African-American, whose history is also imbued with horrific persecution.  Over the years, we have engaged dozens of Holocaust survivors, historians and educators in this project, both at educational forums and within many media projects," said Donna Sterman, Director of Operations.

Presently, the “Words of Bonds” Holocaust Team are creating a new innovative teaching platform, “Mobile Children's Holocaust Museum” (MCHM), incorporating digital and classroom curriculum, on wheels.

Look forward in seeing you at this historic event.

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