Conservative Radio Host Really Wants to Blame Boston Bombing on Illegal Immigrants

After complaining that President Obama used the families of Sandy Hook Elemtary victims as "props" in the gun control debate, popular conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham spent part of her Monday show using the deadly bombing in Boston to promote her position against immigration reform.

After starting off a segment with Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX)  by saying," I'm not going to politicize this," Ingraham goes on to make a connection between the Boston Marathon bombing and attempts on Capitol hill to enact meaningful immigration reform.

"At this moment, we're considering legalizing, or giving regularized status, to millions of people," Ingraham said, pointing out that none of them have gone though rigorous background checks.

"I just think there are all sorts of security implication, aside from the other argument on immigration, national security implications that we don't talk about with enough frankness or certitude," Ingraham continued.

"We can't stop every attack, but my goodness, if we had borders that  were shut down and had a proper screening process, maybe we could stop some of them."

Here's the clip, courtesy of Media Matters:


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