Twitter Idiots Blame Boston Bombing on North Korea, President Obama

Two explosives went off at the Boston Marathon on Monday. There are reported casualties and many more reported injured. Information is still coming in and no one is sure who is behind the attacks. Domestic terrorists? Foreign terrorists? A lone, disturbed individual? WE JUST DON’T KNOW!

But, minutes after the explosions, internet tough guys and girls were already pointing the blame and ready to kill. Posted below are some of the horrible shit that was said online, all posted no more than a couple hours after the tragedy happened. And I stress SOME. Most of the posts on here, I’m able to look through and post the very “best” of the worst. I couldn’t even keep up with all the shitty tweets today.

Blame the Muslims / Arabs / Anyone who looks or sounds Middle Eastern because we are uneducated dimwits:

The weird as hell people who actually think North Korea is behind this. (Dammit, how did we not catch that one guy on the one plane coming in from North Korea!?):

The internet tough guys/girls who really don’t fucking care who did it, whether it be an Arab, a Korean, or Mickey Mouse, they’d just really like to kill:

There’s king of the conspiracy theorists, Alex Jones, who thinks the U.S. government is behind the bombings. Why? To manipulate the American people into submission so those in power can form a one world government for the lizard people to control while Obama simultaneously takes all your guns by personally entering each and every home himself, of course!:

And then, of course, is the “THANKS, OBAMA!” crowd:

“I’m going to talk a lot of tough shit about going to war & then follow it up with the fact that I will not be one of those going to war.”

And, hell, I don’t even know how to categorize this one:


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