GOP Win in CO Recall Elections Heralds Left-Wing Backlash

Denver media should pay more attention to the real possibility that yesterday's recall-election victories by Colorado Republicans will, ironically, lead directly to the indefinite demise of the state GOP, rather than ushering in the Republican resurgence that talk-radio hosts are hyping.

That's what the most rational people on both sides of the aisle would conclude after hearing gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo say the following on KNUS Peter Boyles show this morning:

Tancredo: Remember the Republican Party? Remember Ryan Call, saying at the beginning he was against all this? It goes to show you how incredibly out-of-touch this party establishment is.

Boyles: Oh, I agree.

Tancredo: I don't know, Peter, whether any of us who are running as Republicans can overcome that. But, as you said more than once, my biggest problem is the Republican Party…. These folks who believe they know how to both achieve power and retain power, in the face of so many losses, it is incredible to me that they are given any credibility whatsoever…

Boyles: ..I guess [the Republican power elite] is up there in Vail right now, maybe looking for another Coors brother.

Does anyone think Colorado's GOP establishment will nod in agreement at Tancredo's bravado, and align itself with the right wing of the party? No way.

Meanwhile, when you hear Tancredo's voice, you know he's emboldened and you have to believe his Tea Party followers are ready to fight alongside.

Predictably, so-called 'country-club' Republicans will counterpunch against Tancredo with all their money and influence, possibly leading to an inflammation of the self-destructive behavior that's been plaguing Republicans in Colorado.

Maybe the right side of the GOP will find the strength and intelligence to win going forward where it has lost before.

Regardless, if you're State GOP Chair Ryan Call right now, you're scared. You know it's credible to say that this recall election might be the final brush stroke that paints Colorado blue. There's one big, ugly GOP family fight on the horizon that's waiting to be chronicled by Colorado reporters.

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