Our concept - News and information as a service

TheContributor.com evolved from the DNC's 50-State Blog Project in the early 2000s. Our writers are grass roots activists contributing from the front offices, campus forums, science labs, deep back roads, volatile front lines, and virtually every state capital.  We review and publish a select cross-section of the hundreds of contributions a day we receive from independent writers, observers, journalists, artists and advocacy leaders around the country.  All are welcome to contribute to the conversation. Click here to join our network of contributors.

TheContributor.com is integrated with our network of stakeholder brands, GoodCarts.  Each member of our network sends coupon-holding, socially conscious shoppers to other members through the GoodCarts platform, and get the same in return.  It is free for businesses to join.  When a transaction takes place, TheContributor.com takes a small percentage.  In this way we are able to deliver you a media brand without the annoying experience of other online advertising schemes and help the coolest, socially conscious businesses on the planet get bigger.   Click here to join GoodCarts.

TheContributor.com, GBC, is a Minnesota General Benefit Corporation, located in Minneapolis, MN. Our benefit is to increase the size and voice of the impact economy. 

Our Team

Co-Founder & Publisher: Chris Dykstra

Chris Dykstra is a serial technology and media entrepreneur, community leader, and artist. He is a founding partner and CEO of Warecorp, an international software engineering, and consulting company working with impact entrepreneurs and change agents; Founder and President of DrupalSquad, on demand Drupal maintenance and support; Co-Founder of The UpTake, an acclaimed non-profit online video news organization; and Founder and Publisher of TheContributor.com, an online, daily publication of the work of an international network of bloggers. Dykstra has spent the last twenty years leading software and web teams, starting companies, playing soccer, creating art and maturing as human being and an impact entrepreneur. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Twitter: @duckstrap.

Managing Editor: Teke O'Reilly

Cut from the bootstrap leather of Public Radio, Teke has been producing content and building communities for award winning stations across the country since 1984. Teke comes to The Contributor via his role as Executive Director of CoCo, a dynamic collaborative CoWorking space in Minneapolis, fostering relationships between tech start ups, freelancers, & social entrepreneurs while actively disrupting markets and traditional ways of thinking.  A proud citizen of Minnesota for a record-breaking 4 years, Teke has also lived in Chicago, Wisconsin, Colorado, Santa Fe, Olympia, Seattle, Kansas, South Korea and New York City. 

Co-founder: Josh Becerra

Josh Becerra is the Co-founder of Augurian, a firm that brings together industry veterans who specialize in online marketing - SEO, SEM and Conversion Optimization. He holds an MBA from the Instituto de Estudios Empresarials - an Uruguayan business school that is affiliated with the Harvard Business School. Becerra is fluent in English and Spanish and has spent time living and working abroad in both Europe and South America. He's been named one of the 25 on the Rise by Twin Cities Business and has served on non-profit boards including The St. Anthony Park Community Foundation, 4th in the Park and St. Anthony Park Lutheran Church. When he is not busy building businesses he spends time doing home improvement projects and grilling on his Uruguayan BBQ. He lives in Saint Paul, MN with his wife and two daughters. Twitter: @joshbecerra

Co-founder: Zack Steven

Zack Steven is a lifelong entrepreneur who is passionate about good design, big ideas and strong communities. He is Co-Founder and CEO of buythechange, the place to discover amazing entrepreneurs in your community. He is a Founding Partner of Monkey Island Ventures, whose offerings include; FLUID, The Learning Water Meter; Localtweeps, the leading hyperlocal Twitter directory; and Shotput, a location-based photo sharing app. Steven holds a degree in Studio Art from Grinnell College and has spent the past 20 years mastering the art of business in leadership roles across Product, Sales, Finance and Operations for organizations ranging from startups to public companies. He holds several patents, is a Minnesotan on the Move award recipient and has served on non-profit boards including MetroIBA, St. Paul Central High School Foundation and Unity Church-Unitarian. He is a native of The North and lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and two sons. Twitter: @zacksteven

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What makes a great Contributor post?

The first thing we look for in a post is a story. Something interesting. Something different than what's currently bouncing around the echo chamber: A new take. New information. Clean writing. Good grammar (AP Style is preferred). We love local stories: elections, zoning issues, neighborhood politicians. We love strong reporting and adore passion on any topic. We go through a mountain of posts each day, we value solid work and we use it.

What we don't like are posts that are basically just a block quote of other articles. Posts with cheap shots (i.e. calling someone who disagrees with you a stupid moron) don't make the cut. Same goes for posts with the words "Nazi" or "Hitler" in it (save those that are actually about the history of WWII). If it resembles the forwards you get from your cantankerous shut-in second cousins, we probably won't use it.