Jersey Sure: Diners Come to Rescue of Transgender Waitress

Let's set this up for you. Carmen, who used to be Christopher, agreed to participate in a hidden camera exercise at the Colonial Diner on Orient Way in Lyndhurst, NJ (props to them for participating). An actress plays the diner's manager and an actor plays the jerk she waits on—who is repulsed by the fact that she's a transgender woman. The hidden camera is on, recording what other customers do—or don't do—when they hear the jerk berate beautiful Carmen.

From the lady who says it's not up to her to judge anyone else, to the women who stares down the offender, ready to stand and protect her, to the amazing man who walks across the diner to confront the jerk: "You're insulting somebody who's trying to work [snip]. You can be whoever you want to be. This is America. Mind your business." And then the man who actually changes his plans to sit in Carmen's station, and protect her verbally from the (actor) jerk insulting her. Why, he's asked after, did he do that? "Good Catholic upbringing. Good Irish Mom."

Score. These are really New Jersey responses, in a state where the Governor won't even recognize basic gay rights.

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