Online Voter Registration Launches in the Golden State

California, it’s here! After years of advocacy and months of working on design, details, and testing, the nation’s most populous state will have Online Voter Registration available to its 23.7 million eligible voters.

The launch of this new system is just in time for the historic 2012 Presidential Election. In the coming weeks, scores of Californians will take advantage of this innovative system that will make voter registration easy and accessible. At the same time, this new system will improve the accuracy of voter rolls and save taxpayer funds that were previously used for data entry and administrative staff.

California Common Cause sponsored Senate Bill 397, carried by longtime ally Sen. Leland Yee, and worked side-by-side with the Secretary of State Debra Bowen and our voting rights allies to bring this 21st century technology to voters. Californian’s will now have the option of registering to vote at the convenience of their own home (in their pajamas), at a local library, at work, or even over a tablet device with nea- instantaneous confirmation. Paper registration forms will continue to be offered across the state to eligible voters who wish to use them.

California voters can now register to vote online; register via a special page set up by Common Cause in partnership with Rock the Vote.

In addition to the launch of California’s Online Voter Registration, California Common Cause passed Election Day Voter Registration and sent it to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown. The Governor has until September 30 to sign it.

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